Turkish Government Scholarships 2023-2024

Fully-funded Turkey Success Scholarships 2023-2024 [Deadline Nov 30, 2023]

Türkiye Burslari Scholarships 2023

Time to submit online applications for free for the fully-funded Turkish Success Scholarships 2023-2024 session. Every year the government of Turkey announces various scholarship programs for all undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The purpose behind these Turkish scholarships is to provide the best and most affordable education to all eligible and deserving students who cannot pursue higher education and tie friendly relations with other countries. Such scholarships are available for different levels like bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Moreover, these are fully funded Turkish scholarship programs that make the educational journey of a selected candidate smooth.

The applications for the Turkiye Burslari Success Scholarships will open in October 2023 for all overseas students. Interested candidates can submit their application with the required documents by 30th November 2023.

Interesting facts about the Turkey Success Scholarship:

  • It is a fully-funded scholarship.
  • The winners of this scholarship will get a chance to study in any top 50 Turkish universities according to their ability.
  • It gives financial assistance to the selected candidates.
  • Students will enroll in a free Turkish language course for one year.
  • The awarded students will get the chance to learn about Turkish culture and traditions.
  • This scholarship allows the students to attend various seminars, international conferences, and academic gatherings. Also, provide extraordinary learning and internship opportunities.

Turkey Success Scholarship offered programs:

That scholarship is famous for offering various full-time and part-time programs in numerous renowned universities. However, candidates from restricted countries can only apply for some specific programs.

Let’s discuss each program in detail.

Full-time programs include:

  • A student can do a four-year full-time undergraduate program in different subjects like social and health sciences, engineering, humanities, etc.
  • The post-graduate full-time program is available for the Master’s and Ph.D. level for several subjects, excluding health sciences.
  • Additionally, overseas students can complete their Master’s, Bachelor’s, or Ph.D. from the Ankara University of music and arts in the following subjects voice and instrument education, musicology, and technologies.

Part-time programs offered by the Turkey Success Scholarship:

  • It consists of two categories. The first one is a one-year program with a monthly allowance for the already enrolled students in Turkish universities.
  • The second one is the Research program for international students for 3 to 12 months. Here, the students will get a golden chance to research with Turkish researchers.

Partnered programs:

Candidates from Yemen and Syria are eligible for these programs only. Other than this, there are Turkish language programs for researchers, etc.

Benefits Awards for Scholarship Winners:

  • The awarded students will enjoy a full tuition fee waiver, air tickets, accommodation, health expenses, and a free Turkish language course.
  • The undergraduate students will get a monthly allowance of 800 Turkish Lira, 1100 Lira for post-graduate, and 1600 Lira for Ph.D.
  • However, there is only one reward of a monthly stipend for the candidates enrolled in Turkey Success Scholarship programs and Research programs.
  • The students enrolled in language and cultural programs will enjoy free accommodation, flight tickets, and a monthly stipend of 2000 Lira.


  • The percentage requirement for undergraduate programs is 70%, for Masters and Ph.D., it is 75%, and 90% for medical programs.
  • Meanwhile, all the ex and current citizens of Turkey are not eligible for this scholarship.

The age limit for the following programs: 

  • Below 21 years—> Undergraduate programs.
  • Below 30 years—> Master’s programs.
  • Below 35 years—> Ph.D. programs.


Candidates interested in Turkey Success Scholarships have to submit their documents with the application form on the online portal system before the deadline. But make sure to comply with the eligibility requirements before applying. However, the application process is free of any charge.

Moreover, the candidates need to select any 12 universities of their choice and provide IELTS and TOEFL test scores for English language proficiency. Other than this, SAT, GMAT, and GRE scores are also mandatory to submit. But if you have GSCE and SAT qualifications, then you are free from this restriction.

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