Hajj 2022 Dates and Eid-ul-adha 2022 Dates

Every year Muslims from all over the world gather in the city of Makkah to perform an obligatory ritual called, Hajj or pilgrimage. The literal meaning of Hajj is “to go for a (spiritual) journey.” It is among the five main pillars of Islam that promote brotherhood and shows equality among each gender, race, color, and creed in the eyes of Allah. 

According to the report, around 2,269,145 pilgrims perform Hajj every year till 2019. But due to Covid, the situation has changed a bit now. The Saudi government has banned the entry of pilgrims from several countries. However, for 2022, the government has issued some guidelines regarding the Hajj pilgrims’ quota and Covid Sops to resume this holy journey of Muslims.

How do Muslims perform Hajj?

  • The start of this spiritual journey takes place 10km away from Makkah. 
  • Muslims wear a particular dress called Ihram till the end of the Hajj.
  • Muslims perform “tawaaf” by taking seven rounds around the house of God.
  • Then, they run between Mount Safa and Mount Marwah (7 times).
  • After this, they sacrifice the animal to complete Sunnat-e-Ibrahim A.S.
  • The male pilgrims shave their heads, and women get their hair trimmed.
  • They also throw 7-stones at three walls for three days to fulfill the ritual of Rajm at Mina.
  • Lastly, an adieu Tawaaf in Makkah before leaving the city.

The above actions are obligatory to perform from the 8th Zil hajj till the 12th or the 13th Zil hajj.

Meanwhile, the expected date of Hajj for the year 2022 is Friday, the 8th of July, 2022, as per the Georgian calendar. But the dates may vary as per the moon sightings.

Importance of Hajj:

  • It teaches tolerance and patience to Muslims.
  • It unites every Muslim regardless of their color and caste under one sky.
  • The Hajj washes all the sins of Muslims as if he is newly born.
  • It reminds Muslims about Judgement Day.

Pilgrimage quota for Muslims to perform Hajj in 2022:

Indeed, last year was a bit rough and difficult for the Muslims as they got banned from entering Saudi, even for Hajj. But this time, the government of Saudi is planning to open gates for some of the pilgrims. These people will be from the green-list countries with fewer Covid cases and maximum vaccination.

But this policy has no authenticity, as it might get changed, depends upon the Covid situation in the world.

Meanwhile, the pilgrims’ quota for Muslims for the year 2022 is under consideration. So, stay updated to receive any latest information about it.

Hajj Visa Application procedure:

  • Obtain the visa from the nearest Saudi consulate.
  • Or you can also hire a travel agent to arrange the travel visa.
  • Apply for the Hajj visa in the mid of Shawwal.
  • There are no charges for a Hajj visa.

Hajj Application Documents requirement:

  • Passport.
  • Recent photograph (passport-sized). 
  • Hajj form.
  • Birth and Marriage Certificate.
  • Covid vaccine certificate.
  • Two certified cashier cheques.
  • Legal residence status proof if the pilgrim is not a Saudi local.

Approach only Saudi approved travel agents:

It is mandatory to hire a travel agent for Hajj services who are Saudi approved or else not following the protocols will result in;

  • Permanent ban on entering Saudi. 
  • Deportation. 
  • Detention.
  • Heavy fines.


The above information is enough to get a fair idea of Hajj and its importance in Islam. Meanwhile, the visa and Hajj procedures are also listed above for the ease of pilgrims.

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