Turkeyscholarship.com is a source of information for the students to search for and apply for scholarships in Turkey. The complete guidelines about scholarship and University admission application procedures to their arrival in Turkey are available on the site. The information on this website is handled by the volunteers from different countries who won Turkey Scholarships before and currently studying in Turkey and helping new students to win this prestigious award. All the information available on this website is our copyrighted content.

Türkiye Burslari is a Turkish Fully Funded Scholarship program offered to the international students. Türkiye Scholarship sponsors full education funding for the international students including their tuition fee, accommodation expense, pocket money (Stipend on monthly disbursements), health insurance and flight tickets.

Since the inauguration of the Turkey Government Scholarship scheme in 2012, nearly 4000 international students submitted applications for the program. The number was dramatically increased over a hundred and forty thousand applications in 2018.

Türkiye Scholarship program earned high repute, acknowledgment, and popularity in almost every country, which has made Turkey ranked among one of the most desirable study destinations. Turkey’s Government together with its public Universities ensured safe and quality education for the students. Turkish Universities welcome academicians, international civil servants, young students, and researchers to further their research in Turkey.

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