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Travel Guidance for Turkey in 2024


Indeed, getting a chance to study in Turkey under a scholarship program in 2024 is like a dream come true. But the struggle and exertion do not end here as there is a long way to go. Once you have got the scholarship agreement, now is the time to take one step ahead and be ready to fly to Turkey. Here, the life of a student is not moving around the university and books only. But it is full of new experiences, sports, activities, and adventures along with academic projects.

Before leaving for Turkey to pursue your higher education under a scholarship, it is essential to gather a little information. It will save you from so many unwanted troubles and make your journey smoother than ever. Information regarding traveling, airline, university, scholarship office address, and the reporting date will be obtained from the Turkey scholarship email. Moreover, the ticket to fly to Turkey will also be given by the Turkish scholarship program.


These days, traveling has become a little bit hectic because of Covid-19. Every country has imposed a few restrictions before entering into its territory. In the same way, before leaving for Turkey, a candidate has to go for a PCR test at least 72 hours before the flight. Once you have got the negative test report, then you are more than welcome in Turkey.

It is always good to reach the airport at least 2 hours before the flight departure to avoid inconvenience at the last minute. Similarly, carry all your essential documents in your hand luggage including, your passport, visa, and university documents. Also, keep some money in the US, Euro, or local currency for regular expenses.

On the other hand, play smart and dress according to the weather in Turkey to avoid any trouble. When you reach there safe and sound, it is time to travel to your concerned province.


If you have come to Turkey for the first time, you might feel difficulty in communication. In the same way, reaching your target destination is also a mission. For this purpose, some tips are here:

  1. Collect your luggage and contact the welcome desk for overseas students.
  2. Give your contact number and personal info.
  3. They will aid you in reaching your concerned province by suggesting various travel options.
  4. If you are traveling via a bus, get to the bus station through a shuttle service.
  5. If you are planning to travel via flight, then check your luggage. The flights often transfer the passenger luggage to the next connecting flight.
  6. After reaching the province, take a cab or a bus and reach your assigned university and start completing the following procedure:


  1. Reach the university from the airport.
  2. Go for the registration process for the dorms.
  3. Complete the university enrollment process with the required documents and application form.
  4. Apply for the course enrollment and culture orientation participation under a scholarship program.
  5. Get a residence permit if you are living in a rented apartment.
  6. Opt for a YU number.
  7. Open your bank account and get signed up for Health Insurance. 
  8. Go for orientation programs.

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