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Turkish Residence Permit Application Process Explained

Why do students need a residence permit in Turkey?

A resident permit is basically permission by the local government of a foreign country to allow the foreigner to stay in their country for a specified amount of duration.

A resident permit can be for a short period of time or forever. If a person is planning to stay in Turkey for more than three months then-candidate must get a resident permit otherwise it will be considered illegal for them to stay there. Foreign students enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate, or P.H.D or for any other research study can apply for this permit.

International students who have been accepted into a university in Turkey can get a residence permit if their degree has a longer duration than three months. 

The application for a residence permit in Turkey must be submitted within 30 days of arrival and is valid for:

  • The next three years for undergraduates
  • Two years for postgraduates students
  •  Four years for Ph.D. applicants. 
  •  If your residence permit or passport is lost, you can get your documents renewed within the next 15 days.  
  • If you change your address or university let the authorities know.

Types of Turkish Residence Permits:

There are many kinds of resident permits: Short term, long-term, permanent, family, humanitarian. The duration of this permit is of one year. Foreign students can get a short term resident permit:

  • For the purpose of work
  • If you want to get treated in Turkey for any disease
  •  For a firm to engage in an in-service training program.
  • For any scientific research
  • For exchange programs
  • If you want to learn the Turkish language in Turkey.

Perks of getting a resident permit:

Getting a resident permit can be a tough process but it comes with a number of benefits. Following are perks the of a Turkish resident permit:

  • It enables you to live in Turkey permanently if you wish
  • You can buy property there
  • You can do business investments
  • You can get health insurance
  • A bank account
  • You can get a driving license as well.
  • A tax number
  • You can complete your degree
  • You can even get married in Turkey.

Process of getting a resident permit in Turkey:

You have to apply for a resident permit in Turkey from within Turkey. Fill out your application with all your accurate personal details. After submitting your application go to the “Central Appointment System” page and schedule an appointment with the Directorate General of Migration Management’s nearest office for that you will be asked to submit some information and your address in Turkey.

When you get your appointment day and time with the list of the required documents, you must visit the DGMM office and submit them.  The processing of your permit will take 8 weeks.

Documents to Apply for a Residence Permit in Turkey:

You will need to submit all the documents to the nearest Directorate General of Migration Management office on the day of your interview. The following documents are necessary for a Turkish resident permit:

  • Form for obtaining a residence permit.
  • Four passport-size photos.
  • Your validated passport and its copy.
  • Your address is in Turkey where you will be staying.
  • Acceptance letter from the university to you applied to.
  • Obtaining a Student Visa
  • The cost of a residency permit which 125 lira
  • (if any) previous residence permit (original and copy) 
  • Verified travel documents
  • You have to make the committee believe that you have financial support. They might check your bank accounts.
  • Evidence of Medical Coverage
  • Your birth certificate and if you’re under 18 then consent form from parents.

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