1. How to find a University department for Turkey Government Scholarship Application?
    No particular research is needed to find out the related Turkish University because when you will enter your information the system will show you the options that are most closely matched with your record. From the options, one can choose a maximum 12 and minimum of 1 university.
  2. What language tests are acceptable to apply for Scholarships in Turkey?
    Turkey’s educational institutes only accept TOEFL and the tests including IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT/SAT/MCAT are not compulsory at the time of application. But the one who passed these tests will be a strong candidate for Turkey Government Scholarship (Turkiye Burslari).
  3. Where I can find information about the Turkish Government Scholarship and all its specifications?
    Turkey Government Scholarships are being offered to undergrad, master, doctoral program students as well as to the students interested in cultural, language and other short programs. The coverage of the Turkish Government Scholarship depends on each program a candidate chose to proceed with the application.
  4. Does Turkey offer MBBS/BDS Scholarships?
    Turkey does offer MBBS/BDS scholarships, but 90% of marks are required in 12th grade to apply for that Turkey MBBS Scholarship.
  5. What is the application procedure for filling an educational background?
    Ortaokul Section: Ortaokul section is required for the Diyanet Foundation and International Imam Hatip High school scholarships. It can be left blank if you are a BSc/MBBS/BDS/MS/Ph.D. candidate.High School Section: for this section please upload your 10th and 12th-grade certificates.

    Associate Degree Section: Filling this section varies as it is for the study program that leads to a degree program. That’s why diploma holders can upload their diploma information here, 12th-grade information can be filled here, and if 10th and 12th-grade certificates are uploaded in High school section then it can be left blank. The important is to upload documents and the rest is on YTB ( Turkish Scholarship Council) as they will assess on the basis of uploaded documents.

  1. Are the recommendation letters/reference letters necessary for Turkey Scholarship Application?
    For the MS/Ph.D. candidates, 2 recommendation letters are necessary. For BSc/MBBS/BDS applicants 1 recommendation letter is required to be uploaded. The one who signed the letter will be contacted by Email for the verification of the letter but, the candidate does not need to upload the letter again.
  2. Is it mandatory to get an acceptance letter to apply for the Turkey Burslari Government Scholarship?
    There is no need to get an acceptance letter from the university as you will be placed in the Institute of your choice.
  1. What language options are available to study in Turkish institutes?
    Turkish is the major language used in Turkish institutes, but some institutes do offer to study in English, German, and some other foreign languages. To apply for another medium of instruction than Turkish one must upload language test results during the application.
  1. Is it’s necessary to be fluent in Turkish to study in Turkey?
    The knowledge of Turkish is not necessary as a Turkish language course of specific duration is part of the study course for both the candidates who want to study in a foreign language or in Turkish. Moreover, most of the programs offered by Turkish Universities are in the English Language.
  2. Who can apply for the Turkey Government Scholarship?
    Turkish Government Scholarship is available for undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D., in art or research.
  1. From where the naive can get information about Turkish universities?
    While filling an application for Turkey Government Scholarship, candidates will be required to select their programs and then based on their selection the candidates will be placed in the universities where those programs are being offered on merit basis.
  2. Is there any age limit to apply for the Turkey Scholarship?
    To apply for Turkey Government Scholarship the upper age limit for undergraduate is 21, for Master degree (MS) applicant upper age limit is 30, for the Ph.D. candidate the upper age limit is 35 and for research applicants the upper age limit is 45.
  3. I have an old account on the Turkey Scholarship website, can I reuse for current application?
    The old account of Turkey Scholarship Website can be used any time for new Turkey Scholarship Application if it’s not terminated for any reason.
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