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Statement of Purpose (SOP) For Turkey Scholarship Application

Guide on How to Write a Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Getting a scholarship to study at the University of Turkey is not as easy as it seems. One has to pass several stages as every step matters and can affect your chances of getting the scholarship. So, before submitting the admission application, make sure to fulfill all the requirements along with a well-written statement of purpose to show your passion and dedication.

Those who want to study abroad have to submit a statement of purpose (SOP) with the admission form. This SOP acts as the decision-maker and helps the admission committee select the deserving candidate for the scholarship. In short, the statement of purpose, also known as the Research statement, is a document that describes the applicant’s accomplishments, career goals, professional contributions, and motivation behind getting the specific scholarship for a selected degree program.

Things to cover in Statement of Purpose (SOP):

Your statement of purpose for Turkish scholarship application must contain the below listed four essential elements.

  1. Brief personal information:

While writing the statement of purpose for your scholarship application, give a small introduction about yourself, personal interests, choices, and reason for choosing the degree program. Make sure the description should be summed up and captivating.

  1. State your academic journey & achievements:

 Remember to give meaningful and thought-provoking information in your SOP, as no one likes to read long paragraphs and essays about your accomplishments or grades. Experienced and skilled professors will assess your SOP, so write it technically.

Discuss your research work with its title and results, thesis project, work experience, or professional achievements for the undergraduate or post-graduate degree programs.

  1. Internships or assignments during studies or at work:

If you have graduated and worked before rejoining the graduation school, mention all the details related to it. All the noteworthy projects and assignments you have done, skills you have learned, and duties you have performed, enlist them briefly.

  1. Describe your academic aspirations:

Here, you will talk about your academic interests and your career expectations from the institute. Make sure to convince the readers that you have completely understood the purpose and scope of the research and are working on the current research theme.

You can also mention your area of interest by defining a problem, posing a question, etc. On the other hand, do comprehensive research on the internet about your selected course, departments, and related professors and their research programs. Sometimes, they ask for the professor’s name with whom you want to continue your research work, so do your homework before stepping forward.

At last, positively end your statement of purpose to show how excited and eager you are to complete your studies in their university.

Points to Ponder while Writing the (SOP):

  1. Never use passive voice.
  2. Make sure this SOP reflects your potential and competence as a graduate.
  3. Explain everything with an example.
  4. Write a personal statement to shed light if any incident has affected your grades in the past. It will show your enthusiasm despite facing so many challenges.
  5. Sentences should be short, clear, and to the point.
  6. The SOP must be engaging and well-written under 500-1000 words.  

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