Turkish Government Scholarships 2023-2024

Undergraduate (Bachelor’s Degree) Turkey Government Scholarships 2023-2024

Turkiye Burslari for Bachelor's degree programs

Apply now for the fully-funded Undergraduate (Bachelor’s Degree) Turkey Government Scholarships 2023-2024 academic session by filling out an online application today.

The government of Turkey is offering various Turkish scholarship programs to all international students funded by the ministry of education. The purpose of these scholarship programs is to maintain friendly and close relations with other countries for peace and prosperity.

Talking about the Turkey scholarship program is a golden opportunity for all eligible students to pursue their dreams of studying abroad. Such Turkish scholarships help the students in polishing their skills and talents to face challenges.

So, apply for the Turkey Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) Scholarship program 2023-2024 now. Applications are open online from January 10th till February 20th, 2023. So, without wasting a minute, avail this chance and take one step ahead toward your goal.

Undergrad Turkish Scholarships Funding Allowances and Benefits:

The Turkiye Burslari scholarship program offers dozens of benefits to overseas students. In this manner, these participants will solely focus on their studies and future career.

  1. Free of cost accommodation:

No doubt, being a student is not easy to pay your rent and tuition fees concurrently. But the students enrolled in this scholarship program won’t have to pay a single penny for their stay as their accommodation is completely charge-free throughout the degree in the university dorm.

  1. Health expenses are fully covered:

The students awarded this scholarship will enjoy the coverage of health expenses. All their expenditures related to health and medicines will cover via general health insurance.

  1. Free education:

At this age, continuing high education at a prestigious university is like a dream. But all thanks to the Turkish government that has made it possible. Through this scholarship, they are giving free education to all the selected undergraduate students.

  1. Monthly allowance for students:

Another motive of this scholarship is to provide ease and comfort to the awarded students in every possible way. That is why the selected students will get a monthly stipend of ($103) 700 TL.

  1. Free Turkish language course: 

Those qualified students who cannot speak Turkish will get one year of free training to learn the Turkish language. In the first sufficiency test, the students must pass with flying colors. If they fail to do so, they will get three more months for a re-exam. Still, if they do not pass the exam, their scholarship will suspend.

  1. Travel expense:

All the travel expenses of the students enrolled in this program will cover under this scholarship. Two air tickets will give to them for their arrival and departure from this country.

Turkey Government Scholarship Eligibility criteria:

  1. An applicant must have excellent academic records with a 70% score to become eligible for this scholarship.
  2. The age limit is below 21 years. Older than this limit cannot apply for it.
  3. Whoever is applying for the Turkish scholarship for undergraduate 2023-2024 must not belong to Turkey in any way.

Application Process and documents for Turkish Scholarship:

As mentioned above, applications are accepted online, and the deadline is February 20th. Only eligible students should apply for this Turkish scholarship. However, the list of required documents for the application submission of the Turkey Government Scholarship are:

  1. Academic Transcripts.
  2. NIC and passport.
  3. Graduation or Diploma certificate
  4. A Candidate’s recent and face evident Photograph. 
  5. Submit International exam scores & Language test scores (only if mentioned).
  6. Letter of intent.
  7. Study Plan.
  8. Statement of purpose (SOP).
  9. A Research Proposal.
  10. Certificate of language proficiency (optional).

Last date to apply for Turkey Scholarship:

The deadline for undergrad scholarship application submission by the Turkish Government is February 20, 2023, for the 2023-2024 academic session.

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