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Step By Step Guide On How To Write A Letter of Intent (LOI) for a Scholarship

Studying in the top-notch university of the world, especially with a scholarship, is like a dream come true. But this whole process is not as easy as it seems. Dozens of things need the proper attention and can affect the chances of your selection for a scholarship. All your academic grades, statement of purpose, Letter of Intent, and International exam score, are equally important and can become a game-changer for you. These documents play a prominent role in convincing the hiring committee to consider you as a deserving candidate.

In the same way, if you are planning to apply for a Turkish scholarship, they require a Letter of Intent, also known as (LOI) with some other essential documents. So, if you are a little confused and do not know how to write an outstanding Letter of Intent for a scholarship application, here is a guide for you.

Letter of Intent (LOI):

The Letter of Intent is of great value. It is a formal document that describes the candidate’s passion, goals, work experience, and capabilities. In this LOI, the candidate will also state why he wants to do the selected degree program and shed light on his educational background. 

Moreover, the LOI should be summarized and well-written with no errors. It must be of high quality to charm the admission committee to call you for the interview.

How to write an LOI?

Before writing any Letter of Intent (LOI), one must follow a few standard guidelines to write a killer LOI. For this, a student has to do deep research about his selected programs, the worth of the degree in the future, and career goals, etc. Once you have gathered all the information, then it is time to go for it.

#1 First, make your mind clear:

In the very first step, a candidate must discover all the necessary data about the chosen program. Like where he will stand in the future after getting this degree and how his degree will benefit society.

#2 Research about the University:

It is better to do thorough research about the university or an institution you are willing to complete your scholarship program. Gather all required information like the duration of the program, reviews of alumni, and the graduation time.

#3 Note down all your educational achievements:

Now is the time to jot down all your educational, professional, and academic achievements. Also, highlight the skills that will make you a worthy candidate for the Turkey scholarship programs.

#4 Start writing the LOI:

Now, start the Letter of Intent with the personal information related to the sender’s address on the top left with the receiver’s address on the right side, just below the date. 

After this, it is time to mention your motive behind choosing this degree program. Also, discuss your expectations from this degree and where do you see yourself in the future. Other than this, talk about the changes you can bring to the community with your education. And also mention the skills and abilities to comply with the eligibility requirements.

#5 Time to proofread:

It is highly essential to proofread your Letter of Intent to avoid any errors. Make sure it is free of irrelevant information with to-the-point, meaningful sentences.

#6 Go for submission:

Submit your Letter of Intent with the application before the deadline. Make sure it is according to the requirements of the admission committee and highlight your potential with educational degrees.

Points to Ponder for Writing an LOI:

  • LOI should be properly structured.
  • The LOI must be concise.
  • Avoid writing a flat introduction of your LOI.
  • Do not repeat the information mentioned in the scholarship CV.
  • Do not write more than two pages of LOI.
  • A letter of intent must be in the pdf. 

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