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Research Proposal for Turkish Government Scholarship 2024

Pro Guide to Write a Research Proposal for the Turkey Scholarship Program

While applying for a Turkey scholarship, several documents are obligatory to submit with the application form. Each document or certificate has its significance as it can become a game-changer in your selection process. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the list of required documents.

Similarly, if you are applying for a Ph.D. degree under the scholarship program, it is mandatory to submit your research proposal. It will describe your capabilities to withstand your research project.

What is meant by a Research Proposal?

It is a scientific letter that entitles all the details of the candidate’s research project comprehensively. This proposal sheds light on the aim of the study, its objectives, and its expected outcomes. Additionally, the research proposal also highlights the expenses and facilities required to execute it.

The Reason behind Writing a Research Proposal?

It explains the core objective of the research study and builds a good impression in the eyes of the hiring committee. This research proposal also answers all the questions in advance that might ask in the interview. On the other hand, it also defines the student’s skills and abilities towards the research.

How to write a killer Research Proposal?

Indeed, writing a research proposal for the Turkey scholarship program is a tedious and hectic task. But no worries, as we are here to give detailed information about what points to add and things to avoid in a research proposal.

Step-by-step Guide To Write a Research Proposal:

Here we are discussing the step-by-step process of writing a research proposal for a scholarship program.

  1. Make a Cover Page:

That page has to be extraordinarily impressive as it will give an overview of your overall research proposal. It will also contain your name, research title, the name of the supervisor, and the name of the affiliated institution. To make it look more attractive, choose an appropriate background and font style.

  1. Mention the objectives in the Introduction:

After making an outstanding cover page, it is time to wow the admission committee with a brief yet powerful introduction in a well-written and well-formatted way. Meanwhile, the introduction must explain the research objective and recent developments in the field. Also, mention the expected result of your research.

  1. Talk about the Literature Review:

After a catchy introduction, now write your literature review. It will define your passion and enthusiasm for a research study. On the other hand, it will also shed light on the authenticity of your research. Moreover, in this paragraph, you will also mention the contribution of your research topic to the community.

  1. Methodology of Research:

It will simply tell the practical approach you will apply to reach your desired result. That is why while writing this paragraph, one has to be extra cautious. Be very accurate and specific about the information you give to avoid any confusion.

  1. Give a timeline for your Research Proposal:

Here, you will allocate the time for each step of the research. Mention the time required to complete every stage, from the start of the research study till the end. It will help in keeping a track record of the research.

  1. Discuss the funds required:

Mention the funds you need to carry out your complete research program. Calculate the cost accurately as no extra amount will give after receiving the funds.

  1. Add References:

Lastly, it is time to add authentic references to any article, book, or research paper discussed in the proposal.

Points to ponder while writing a professional Research Proposal:

  • It must be in a clear and scientific tone.
  • Mention the reason behind choosing this topic.
  • The research title must not be vague.
  • The language must be reader-friendly.
  • Seek the help of a language professional if you are not good at relevant jargon.
  • Try to write short and meaningful sentences.
  • Do not be irrelevant and illogical.
  • Do not give too much explanation.

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