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(LOI) Letter of Intent for Turkey Government Scholarship [Writing Guide]

How to Write a Convincing Intent Letter for Scholarship Application?

The letter of intent also termed as LOI is referred to a formal document showing the applicant’s interest in a project, vacancy, scholarship, internship, object, or subject.

The scholarship intent letter is an academic document that provides insights into a candidate’s interest in an academic course and the funding required to achieve that academic milestone with proper reasoning.

While applying for a Turkish scholarship program, you have to be careful about a few things. Along with the application form, several other essential documents play a vital role in making your case strong. Every single paper submitted with your scholarship application will either increase or decrease the chances of your selection.

For example, a Letter of Intent (LOI) will charm the admission and selection committee to consider you a worthy and deserving candidate for the applied scholarship program.

Intent Letter Writing Steps

In the Letter of Intent, the applicant will write about his future goals, participation in extracurricular activities, academic grades, high school graduation, etc. But before writing a Letter of Intent, you need to be very particular about the various minor details. It has to be well-summarized, formatted, concluded, and to the point with no irrelevant information.

Step 1: Preparation and Formatting of the letter:

Make sure you have sound knowledge about the scholarship program and its related details. Also, read all the instructions provided by the committee for the Letter of Intent, including words or page limit. Follow the pattern of any job cover letter to write your LOI, like mention the address on the top left with the date on the right just below the address. Below this, mention the address of a person who will receive it.

Step 2: Write about your Career and Passion:

After getting done with the general introduction, it is time to talk about the career you want to pursue. The reason why you want to apply for this scholarship and what makes you a potential candidate. Moreover, talk about your aims, the institution you like to complete your higher education in, and how you can bring a positive and meaningful change to society.

Other than these points, write about the faculty member with whom you want to work. Also, talk about your leadership qualities and past experiences of work. These all trivial things will make you a more eligible and suitable candidate for the Turkish scholarship programs.

Step 3: Finish it on a good note:

Once you have mentioned all the necessary information related to your career, academic records, and past work experiences, now it is time to summarize your letter. End the Letter of Intent while discussing your short and long-term plans. For instance, what will you do after graduation, and how will you help and serve the community in the future? 

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