Turkish Government Scholarships 2023-2024

Enrollment and Dorm Registration Process in Turkish Universities

How to get a dormitory in University?

Getting a scholarship under the Turkey scholarship program is not as easy as it seems. It is a long journey with so many hardships and day and night struggles. But once you have won the scholarship, every effort made in the past seems worthy. After getting done with all these processes, the prestigious Turkish universities are all set to welcome the students for their official educational journey.

Go and visit the registrar’s office for the enrollment process as soon as possible after reaching the designated university. This process is a bit lengthy and requires various information and a few documents. Hence, go to the International Student Office (ISO) for all types of queries.

Meanwhile, candidates planning to live in university-assigned dormitories have to complete the registration process at the dorms as well. But if you are willing to live in any other residence, then mention its address in the form.

Things required to complete the enrollment process at the university:

  1. Graduation degree and certificate, translated into Turkish. Make sure they both are Turkish embassy certified.
  2. For undergraduates: an equivalence diploma certificate (original) from Turkish Embassies.
  3. A complete set of transcripts related to GPA and grades is mandatory.
  4. English language proficiency certificate and Turkish language certificate (if you can speak Turkish).
  5. Copy of student visa with a passport with all the details, including expiry and issue date, etc.
  6. Six recent photographs.
  7. A residence permit before the first month is completed.
  8. A High school equivalency certificate for undergraduates.
  9. Passport and Diploma proof.
  10. Lastly, the student’s last year’s high school certificate.

The above are the essential documents needed to complete the enrollment process in a Turkish university.

Dormitory Registration Process:

The dormitory information is available in the TBBS account. However, a candidate will reach the designated destination along with a Turkish scholarship staff member. After this, the registration process will take place. But remember, this service is available only for those candidates who are living in assigned dormitories.

If you prefer to live in any other apartment or a rented house, get help from any agency or real estate agent.

Turkish Universities Dormitories:

The residence is not an issue for the candidates who are planning to live in the university dorms. A variety of excellent options are there like:

  1. Government residencies.
  2. Non-profit organization dormitories.
  3. Private residencies.
  4. Universities’ dormitories.

However, make sure to comply with the entrance hours and rules related to the dormitories. Meanwhile, living in a rental apartment will cost you a bit more. Be careful about the gas, water, and electricity bills, and cancel their subscriptions before leaving the house permanently. Also, get your hands on Turk telecom for phone calls and check the heating system as it varies from one home to another.


The above-highlighted details will help a candidate in completing his university enrollment process and registration process at the assigned dorms smoothly.

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