Turk Scholarship Application Document Set

Letter of Motivation for Scholarship Application Submission

Step by step guide to write a motivation letter for Turkish Scholarship:

The motivation letter written specifically for a scholarship application is an academic document projecting the applicant’s motive to study a particular subject followed by valid reasoning on scholarship fund requirements.

Getting a scholarship at a top-notch university depends on how convincing and powerful your application is. In the same way, some other things, like a well-written motivation letter, can also affect the chances of your acceptance and rejection. It acts as a game-changer for your future and allows you to represent your views, beliefs, and knowledge before appearing in the in-person interview.

However, the motivation letter is not mandatory for every scholarship application. But it is like a cover letter that plays a crucial role in convincing the hiring and admission committees to approve the application or call the applicant for the interview.

Definition of a motivation letter:

As discussed above, it is like a resume or a document that outlines the candidate’s professional skills and the reason to apply for the scholarship. For all the graduates, bachelors, and special programs, a motivational letter is obligatory. But many times, the motivation letter is optional with the scholarship application. So, if you can write a good motivation letter, then attach one with it to wow the review committee.

Learn to fit your motivation letter according to the scholarship:

  1. Your stated plans in the motivation letter must correspond with the scholarship goals.
  2. Describe how you will get the benefit from this scholarship.
  3. Other than this, illustrate how you will use this knowledge to serve the community and fulfill the scholarship provider’s purpose.
  4. You also need to prove why you are a deserving candidate.
  5. Mention your academic expertise, grades, hopes, and experiences.
  6. Explain how you are capable of serving and thriving the nation in the future with your education.

Sketching Motivation Letter Outline Specifically for Scholarship:

Writing a good motivation letter takes a lot of time. But if you do not want to leave any loopholes in your selection process, give your best shot. Generally, every motivation letter is consist of three parts:

A Brief Introductory paragraph:

As the name indicates, it will be precise and consist of your name, education, and degree program only, and avoid adding extra and irrelevant information in this paragraph.

3 Body paragraphs:

This section consists of three paragraphs, and in each para, you will write something different than the previous one.

The first paragraph is all about your work experience, either paid or unpaid. You can also mention your internships during your studies. But write everything in chronological order. At the end of this para, describe how this scholarship will assist you in making your future brighter.

However, the second paragraph will describe and share your hopes and what you can learn from this education and scholarship.

Lastly, you will write your holistic plans. For instance, higher education plans, working in a reputable company or developing any institutions, etc.


Finally, in the concluding paragraph, you will describe why you think you are a worthy candidate for this scholarship.

Points to Ponder While Writing a Captivating Motivation Letter:

  1. Avoid using slang language.
  2. Free of grammar and spelling mistakes.
  3. No long paragraphs.
  4. Words limit up to 500-1000 words.
  5. No casual tone of speech.

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