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Letter of Motivation for Turkey Government Scholarship Application Submission

Writing a Motivational letter for Scholarships in Turkey

A motivational letter is a document demonstrating your interest in an objective and highlighting your interpersonal skills, abilities, achievements, and capabilities.

Letter of Motivation is a very critical and important document for the scholarship application. If your motivational letter is in a good shape, you will have a better chance of succeeding.

What Actually is a Motivational Letter?

A scholarship motivational letter is a statement written with the goal of persuading the scholarship committee that you are the perfect fit for the scholarship award among all the applicants. It is an academic letter of interest that explains why you are applying for the scholarship and what does getting the scholarship means to you.

You must include plausible justifications for why you should be considered for the scholarship award. You must also include your ambitions for how you will use the education that you will receive through the particular scholarship in the future. 

In Turkey, motivation letters are required for post-graduation scholarships. However, if it is required, you can attach it with your admission application for a bachelor’s degree.

How can you write a motivational letter for Turkey scholarships?

The motivation letter document normally contains 500-1000 words, like an essay. Be specific in your letter of motivation; you should make it balanced between your academic background, your achievements, experiences, and your future goals.

There are several aspects to consider when writing this letter for study assistance. Your scholarship motivation letter should include key components from your CV, work experience, and academic background. Finally, this letter should be adaptable to the scholarship sponsor’s goals, values, and aspirations.

 Make your scholarship motivation letter is according to the following guidelines:

  • You should discuss your future plans as well as the characteristics that distinguish you from everyone else.
  •  Include any extracurricular activities you have previously participated in, such as community service or volunteer work for a non-profit organization, athletics, and conferences or other training sessions like seminars.
  • If you’re seeking postgraduate scholarships, you can also talk about your graduation project and what you’ve gained from that experience.
  • Also, discuss your accomplishments and what distinguishes you from the other applicants.
  • Make a list of any previous awards or scholarships you’ve received.
  • Before submitting, make sure to proofread the letter to avoid errors.

Key Components of a Motivational Letter:

A motivational letter should contain the following parts:

  • An Introduction
  • Main Body ( in  paragraphs )
  • A conclusion

The Introduction is a critical part of a motivational letter, begin with a tantalizing statement and then move on to important details. The opening paragraph should demonstrate your enthusiasm for the scholarship and your knowledge of its significance. This would include your name, educational background, and desired program. 

Next comes the main body which includes details about your education and your work experiences. You start this section by briefly describing your qualifications and your academic background. The abilities you’ve obtained and the knowledge you’ve gained so far.

Mention all your academic awards and achievements. Then, briefly talk about the degree you want to acquire and why do you want to pursue it and what goals do you aim to achieve through this degree. Restate the institution’s goals and ideals, and show how you may help them become a reality by receiving the scholarship. Then write about your work experiences in a paragraph.

State and clarify your job’s tasks in depth so that the reader understands your content completely. Community work and any social work and unpaid internships are not to be overlooked. They’re equally vital, and they demonstrate your depth of knowledge. Cite all of your abilities and skills in this section. Acknowledge your co-workers and mention the skills you’ve learned while working with them.

Lastly, finish with a powerful conclusion. Discuss whether there is anything you want to achieve after you complete the scholarship program, such as continuing your studies or joining your dream organization, or fulfilling a goal. You may incorporate all of these into your closing comments and conclude with a strong parting sentence. Tell about your mission, vision, aspirations, and future plans.

Motivation Letter Format:

It is critical to present your letter in a professional manner; therefore, the applicants must adhere to the following recommendations when writing a motivating letter:

  • Calibri, Arial, and Times New Roman are all acceptable fonts.
  • Font size should be no more than 12.5
  • Use the proper spacing, which is either 1 or 1.5.
  •  The alignment on the left side is pleasing to the eye.
  • There should be double spacing between the paragraphs.

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