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Study Plan Writing Instructions for Turkish Government Scholarship Application

Detailed Guide on Writing an Academic Study Plan Essay

To win a scholarship for your high education is not as easy as it seems. It is a long and tiring procedure consist of several stages. But every single step matters a lot, from collecting and submitting various essential documents to fill the application form correctly within the due date. But, these documents can work as a game-changer in the selection process of a candidate for a scholarship program.

Every college or university has its criteria and requirements to apply for a scholarship. Some institutions require a different set of documents, like a Statement of Purpose, Recommendation, Letter of Intent, CV, Academic certificates, etc. But some scholarship panels also ask for Study Plan Essay. Though it is not mandatory, however at times, students have to submit it with their applications. This document is not crucial like the others, but it can change the candidate’s fate.

What is a Study Plan Essay?

Generally, the study plan essay is like a timetable where students mention their subjects and set the specific time to achieve their target during the study. But here, it is a bit different for a scholarship application.

It is a document where the students talk about their goals and objectives. Also, mention their plans to achieve those targets. In other words, it is a timetable with the set targets and allocated times for the course study. Through this essay, the selection committee wants to check your capability that either you can manage your studies with a part-time job (if doing) and other activities or not.

Things to add in a Study Plan Essay:

There are a few points that one must add in their study of plan essay to make it more imperative.

  1. The reason for pursuing a degree program in a foreign country, but not in your own.
  2. Your educational objective, like knowledge expansion, etc.
  3. State the reason why you are not continuing your education in your home country.
  4. If any research you have done related to your degree program in your homeland.
  5. Also, mention either your selected degree program can increase the chances of employment in your home country.
  6. Talk about your educational qualifications.
  7. Lastly, mention the things that tie you closer to your home country.

How to start a Study Plan Essay?

Start writing your study plan essay by highlighting your aims and command of the English language. Also, talk about the potential that makes you a deserving candidate for the scholarship.

If you are applying for arts, medical, law, and engineering, there are a few guidelines that one should follow:

For Arts, Engineering, and Science courses, the word limit is 800-1000. However, do not forget to mention your participation in the extracurricular activities with your aims and objectives.

For Law and Medical, there is no word limit. But it is crucial to add a few information, like why you want to pursue this program, the courses you will attend, and how you will benefit society and your home country with this degree.

Points to add in undergraduate Study Plan Essay Writing:

  1. Mention the interest reasons, aims, and objectives.
  2. Proof of participation in the activities related to the selected course.
  3. Your potential to accomplish your goals and work experience in the past (if any).
  4. The word limit is 800 words.

Points to add in post-graduate Study Plan Essay Writing:

  1. Reason to pursue this degree program.
  2. Research plan (if any).
  3. Your goals after graduation.
  4. Voluntary work experience.
  5. Any personal intention.

Things to ponder while writing a Study Plan Essay:

Whenever you plan to write a study plan essay, you have to be extra careful about a few things:

  1. Always take the opinion of experts.
  2. Must do proofreading.
  3. Check samples before initiating.
  4. Always give correct information.
  5. Do not exceed the word count limit.
  6. Be honest. 
  7. Do proper research.

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