Turkish Government Scholarships 2023-2024

2024 Turkey Government Scholarships for BS, MS, PHD | Online Application Submission Turkiye Burslari Scholarships


All the applicants can now apply for the Turkiye Burslari scholarships 2024-2025 for the bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral degree options, and short courses as the online application portal is now open. The deadline to apply for these Turkish scholarships is February 20th, 2024.

Make sure to comply with the eligibility criteria with all the required documents. However, there are no charges to apply for the scholarship, and the application process is online.

Funding Allowances of Turkey Government Scholarships:

All the applicants can avail themselves of a chance to win a fully-funded Turkish Government Scholarship for the 2023 academic session by filling out an online application form. The winners of Turkey Scholarships will be entitled to receive the following funding allowances from the Turkish Government:

Allowances for Bachelor Degrees: Monthly Stipend, free education, accommodation
Allowances for Master Degrees: Monthly Stipend, free education, accommodation, research expenses
Allowances for Doctoral Degrees: Monthly Stipend, free education, accommodation, research expenses

Criteria of Eligibility to Apply for Turkey Government Scholarships:

Candidates from the USA, Pakistan, Germany, UAE, and Iceland can apply for this scholarship program. However, candidates belonging to some restricted countries are eligible to apply for the post-graduate programs only.

But the general eligibility criteria for the Turkey scholarship programs 2024-2025 are listed below:

  • Candidates born before January 1999 apply for the undergraduate program.
  • January 1988, students born before this mentioned date are not eligible to enroll in the Master’s degree program. Similarly, it is January 1985 for Ph.D., and for the Research Program, it is January 1975.
  • To apply for the undergraduate degree, 70 percent of the score is mandatory. Likewise, for a Master’s and Ph.D. degrees, a 75% score is necessary.
  • But if applying for a medical school program, then 90% marks is the requirement.
  • A candidate must not be an existing or ex-citizen of Turkey.
  • If you are already studying in Turkey, then you are not eligible.


  1. Degree or Diploma Certificate.
  2. Associate degree.
  3. High & Middle School Certificate.
  4. Recommendation letters.
  5. CV.
  6. IELTS/TOEFL, GAT, GRE, GMAT, (Optional)
  7. Letter of intent.
  8. Statement of purpose SOP.
  9. A research proposal if you are applying for a doctoral degree.
  10. Work Experience Certificates (Optional).
  11. Transcript.
  12. Extracurricular certificates (Optional).

Make sure to fill in all the sections in the online application form. Otherwise, a notification will appear after clicking the tab of the selected degree program on the Home page screen. It will indicate that the candidate is not suitable for the applied scholarship due to the unfilled sections in the form.

After filling out the complete application form, a notification will show on your Home screen to confirm your eligibility for the applied scholarship. Then register your entire data as an application on the portal.


Firstly, the application of candidates gets evaluated by the admission committee for in-person interviews. Once they qualify, the scholarship and university admission letters with the student Visa documents are sent to the awarded candidates.

However, the selection of any candidate depends upon the academic records and performance in the interview. However, to evaluate the academic performance of the applied applicant, certain documents are considered.

  • Average Grades of Last Semester.
  • Entrance exam grade of a University (if any)
  • Baccalaureate Grade. (if any)
  • CGPA / Academic certificate.
  • International Test Score (if any)
  • The grade obtained in Diploma.

After assessing these documents, the selected students will call for an interview at the Turkish consulate. In the end, the results will be emailed to the students or appear on the official website.

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