Turkish Government Scholarships 2023-2024

Turkey Government Scholarships for Sudanese Students in 2024

Turkiye Burslari for Sudanese Students

The government of Turkey is all set to welcome students from Sudan through its Turkish scholarship programs 2024-2025 as they believe in making friendly relations and mutual understanding with other nations.

That is why they are offering various educational and learning opportunities to these Sudanese students in different courses, like BS, master, and doctoral degrees. The students enrolled in their scholarship programs will get a golden opportunity to study at the most prestigious universities in Turkey, free of cost.

All interested candidates can now apply for the Turkey scholarship 2024-2025. The applications are accepted online till February 20th.

Turkish Government scholarship programs, also known as Turkiye Burslari, have strict eligibility criteria to apply for the scholarship. If you do not comply with the mentioned eligibility requirements, then refrain from applying for the scholarship.

Another impressive thing about these scholarships is that they are fully funded and do not charge a single penny from the awarded students. From their traveling and living expenses to medical expenditures, everything will cover by Turkish government funds.

Financial Coverage of Turkey Government Scholarships:

Here you will get complete information about the Turkey scholarship programs 2024-2025 related to Coverage, Eligibility criteria, the application process, etc. So, being a Sudanese student, give this article a read to clear all your confusion.

Benefits for students:

As mentioned above, dozens of benefits are available for the selected students to make their educational journey smooth and tension-free.

Free accommodation: 

The awarded candidates will enjoy penny-free accommodation at the university dorm till their degree completion.

Free education:

The government of Turkey will not charge a single Turkish Lira as a tuition fee from the candidates because of a fully-funded scholarship program.

 The expense of Travel and Medical:

All the expenditures of traveling and health will cover under this scholarship. The General public health insurance department will pay the cost of treatment. However, the arrival and departure of students in Turkey for the degree program are also free.

Criteria of Eligibility:

One must pay attention to the eligibility criteria before registering for the scholarship programs offered by Turkey. Every program has different requirements for test scores and age limits. So, if you do not meet any of the below-listed conditions, please do not apply.

  1. For undergrad program:
    • The test score must be 70%.
    • Youngsters born before January 1998 cannot apply.
  1. For Master’s degree program:
    •  January 1989, those who have been born before this are ineligible.
    • The test score must be 75%.
  1. For Ph.D. degree and Research program:
    • It is January 1984 for Ph.D. and 1974 for Research programs.
    • While the marks requirement is 75% for the doctoral degree.
  1. Existing and ex-citizens of Turkey are not eligible for this scholarship.
  2. 90% marks are the requirement for the medical program.
  3. The international student has to do a Turkish language training program for one year. It is free of cost and must be completed within the set time limit.

Process of Application for Turkey Scholarship Program 2024-2025:

The application process is available on the official application portal system of Turkish Government scholarships. Students can apply free of cost for these programs before February 20, as mentioned above. Make sure to have all the required documents before submitting your application. Also, read the eligibility criteria carefully to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

However, the results will be announced via email or call on their result announcement website. So, apply as soon as possible and take one step forward towards your bright future.

Selection Criteria for Turkish Scholarships:

The selection of students from Sudan for Turkey Government Scholarships depends upon the following things:

  1. Average grades, university entrance exam scores, and diploma grades.
  2. High school graduation and international test score.
  3. CGPA and letter of intent.

Deadline for Turkey Government Scholarships:

The last date to submit an online application for the Turkish Scholarships 2024-2025 session for Sudanese Students is February 20, 2024.

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