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2022 Result Announcement of Turkey Government Scholarships

Interview and Result Announcement Calendar for Turkey Scholarship Programs 2022

Every year the Turkish Government announces several Turkey scholarships programs for international students. Their motive is to give a chance to all eligible students to make their future brighter by completing their high education in a well-known Turkish University.

However, the application process for these scholarships is not so complicated. The students must comply with the eligibility criteria and submit the application form before the deadline. After this, the admission committee will call the selected candidates for the interview and announce the final results online on their official website.

Application submission, evaluation, interview, and result announcement process according to the schedule:

The whole process of applying for a scholarship till the commencement of classes consists of the following steps:

  1. Firstly, the students have to apply for the Turkish Scholarship program. The application opens on January 1st, 2022.
  2. The students have to submit their applications by February 24, 2022.
  3. The hiring committee will evaluate the submitted applications from February 2022 till April 2022.
  4. The students will get a call for an interview from April 2022 – May 2022.
  5. The announcement of the winners of the Turkey Scholarship will take place in July 2022.
  6. From July 2022 – August 2022, the student visa process and agreement will take place.
  7. Finally, the classes will commence from September 1st -15th, 2022.

Evaluation process time to shortlist candidates:

The process of evaluation begins after the closure of the application submission. All the skilled members of the admission committee will review the documents and information submitted by the candidate. This whole process mostly gets completed by the end of April.

Interview call date for the selected students:

After evaluating all the applications, the selected students will receive an email for the interview containing the date and time, most probably by the end of April 2022.

Result announcement date for Turkish scholarship programs 2022:

In the last step, the students will get evaluated based on their interviews. However, the selection team members will finally announce the results on the official website of the Turkey scholarship by July 2022.

After this, the selected students must confirm their admission for the Turkey scholarship and collect the visa documents to apply for the Turkey visa at the Turkish embassy.

In the next step, after obtaining the visa, the students have to take a flight to reach the campus and complete the registration process as soon as possible. After all this exhausting procedure, the students can start their educational journey with full enthusiasm.

Turkey Government Scholarships 2022 Application (opening & closing) Schedule:

Research Program Scholarships: Opening Date: Closing Date: Result Announcement:
1st period January 10th, 2022 February 24th, 2022 April 2022
2nd period 1st  April 2022 30th  June 2022 July 2022
3rd period 1st  July 2022 30th  Sep 2022 October 2022
4th  period 1st  October 2022 31st  Dec 2022 January 2022

Undergraduate & Postgraduate Scholarships: Date:
Application Opens January 10th, 2022
Application Close February 24th , 2022
Evaluation Process February till May 2022
Interview Call March till June 2022
Announcement of Results July 2022
Application Process July – August 2022
Commencement of classes 10th  – 20th  September 2022

Turkey Success Scholarships Schedule Opening & Closing Dates:
Application begins from October 2021
Deadline for application November 2021
Evaluation Process November – December 2021
Result Announcement December 2021


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