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Turkey Travel Plan: By Air, By Road, by Sea, or by Railway

How to Arrive in Turkey?

Turkey, historically located at the crossroads of East and West, offers much more than its well-known beaches. If you wish to go on a vacation, Turkey is one of the best places where you can spend your leisure time. The scenery of Turkey is stunning; you may also savor its different unique cuisines and visit its cultural and historical sites.

With over 35 million tourists each year, Turkey is one of the top ten travel destinations in the world. If you are intending to visit Turkey, this article will provide you with all of the options available to you for traveling to Turkey.

Aside from visiting historical and cultural landmarks, Water sports and sailing are popular among the visitors due to the almost 8400 kilometers of coastline. Hiking, rock climbing, hot air ballooning, mountaineering, white water rafting, bicycling, and skiing are all popular activities that are gaining in popularity. Moreover, Turkey is famous for its Mosques: Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and many others. There is Grand Bazaar, Galata Tower, Istiklal Street, Ankara, and many other beautiful places to visit in Turkey. It’s a country with different religions and cultures. 

Modes of travel to Turkey:

Following are the ways that can be followed in order to arrive in Turkey:

  • By Air
  • By Train
  • By Sea
  • By Roads

#1 By Air

Over the years, traveling by air has gotten popular in the world as air travel is unquestionably the quickest and most pleasant mode of transportation. You can arrive in Turkey from different parts of the world either by taking a direct flight or by opting to take a short stay somewhere.

Turkish Airlines, Turkey’s national airline, operates direct flights from Istanbul to many major cities across the world. If you are arriving in turkey from south Asian countries like Pakistan, India e.t.c through direct travel the flight time will not be of more than 6 hours. However, the flight duration from the United States of America is around 13 hours. If you’re traveling by air, you should get your tickets ahead of time, especially during the summer.

#2 By Train

Nowadays, traveling by train has gotten less popular among the world as people prefer to travel by air as its more convenient and comfortable compared to by traveling through rail. However, still many people travel through rail to Turkey as turkey has train routes coming from Europe and Asia. Many people from Europe visit Turkey due to convenient rail routes and many people like traveling between Istanbul, Ankara, and Konya on the magnificent and modern Turkish trains.

The Bosphorus Express gives a train connection between Turkey and European countries. Turkish State Railways operates direct sleeper trains from Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania to Istanbul. Moreover, there are also many rail routes from the countries like Switzerland, Italy, and Germany.

#3 By Sea

Traveling to Turkey by Sea is the least popular mode the tourists use to arrive in Turkey this is because it takes a long time to reach the destination. However, this mode of arrival is useful and this gives the tourists a wonderful experience of residing in Sea. Travel through the sea to Turkey usually is done on a cruise ship, ferries, and yachts.

#4 By Road

Traveling to turkey by road is also one of the time taking modes to travel but also it is amongst the most popular ones as people relish the long drives. It can be done either in a private car or by bus. One of the finest ways to discover Turkey at your own pace is by traveling in your private car. However, for the people coming from European nations to Turkey, this mode can be more convenient than the people coming from South Asian countries as this traveling to turkey from those South Asian countries can take many days.

If you are thinking to arrive in Turkey via road the thing u need to take absolute care of is that you need to carry certain important documents as at the border you will be required to present your passport, international driving license, vehicle license, and international green card. If you prefer to travel by bus, there are frequent services between Turkey and the major European countries, as well as from numerous Middle Eastern countries.

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